Healthy eating can be simple, and I am here to show you how!  

No deprivation diets plus delicious healthy recipes

"Barnaby Nutrition focus on creating healthy habits without restrictions. Simple ingredients plus science based to optimize your health while achieving your goals."

-Talita Barnaby

I get it...changing our habits is hard but not impossible!


Are you tired of trying all diets out there without seeing results?

Are you tired of losing the same pounds over and over again?

Are you ready to take charge of you lifestyle once and for all?

If you said yes, this regimen is for you!

  1. Simply counting calories or creating restrictions will never truly nourish you in a complete way. Healthy eating is about finding balance between the science of nutrition and your own personal intuition on what feels good in your body.

  2. I’m here to help you embrace the relationship with food and create a healthy life you love! Leave the yo-yo diet behind and lose that weight once and for all while creating better and healthier habits.


  • Sales of any products  
  • Turning your lifestyle upside down for short term weight loss  
  • Magic weight-loss pills  
  • Pressure to recruit others   
  • Hidden fees or add-ons
  • No guilting, no shaming, no judging  

Here's what clients are saying

Jeanette G. San Diego, CA

"Talita helped me get started on my weight loss journey. She really takes the time to get to know your needs and recommends goal and methods that are actually achievable. I love that Talita is all about realistic balance, eating real food (no proteins powders, fads, etc) I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to jump start a new healthy life.

"You are so inspirational, I really enjoy our weekly consultations, it always wire my brains to not lose focus."

Melissa R. San Diego, CA

"Talita is an excellent nutritionist. She worked with me on developing a nutritional plan that worked with my schedule as a busy working mom. She takes a collaborative approach in designing a nutritional plan that actually works and is easy to stick to. I highly recommend her!"

Anna San Diego, CA

Anna lost over 1 lb per week in our 6 weeks Wellness Program.

"This program completely changed and impacted my lifestyle! Now I’m more aware of the food I am eating and of the portions that I should be consuming. I especially loved learning about different aspects of nutrition and different tricks I can use when deciding what to eat and/or get when I am eating out!"

Elijah F. from Seattle , WA

Elijah F. from Seattle , WA
Elijah lost weight & boosted his energy on our 6 Weeks to Wellness Program 

"I was always tired, not wanting to work but now with eating more throughout the day; having breakfast specially, its boosting my energy."

Jennifer S. Framingham, MA

"I worked 3 months with Talita and I lost 17lbs but most importantly I feel great. Her food suggestions were easy enough for a busy mom of 3 to do it without feeling overwhelmed. I always had IBS which it was something very painful and Talita made me feel comfortable talking about it during our consultations and 3 weeks into working with her, I was much more aware of the foods my body could and couldn't have. She always talked about creating good habits and we finished our 3 months program 1 month ago and I am thankful to my new habits. I'm glad a chose her as my nutritionist and recommend her to anyone I know."

A few Txts & DMs I get from my clients daily

Carol C. from Massachusetts, " My clothes are fitting a lot better and I don't have the constant  bloat. I love myself when I look in the mirror and I'm enjoying changing my eating habits"

Devon R. from Massachusetts "Thank you for your encouragement. Your pep talk yesterday helped"


Cynthia S. from Massachusetts  "Prepping a few things ahead of time is a lot easier to stick to eating healthy...and honestly enjoy eating healthier now. I feel good and maybe have more energy" 

Kendra L. "I wanted you to know that after following you and Talita and I'm  inspired to make tiny change cause my life is so busy so anything is huge right now. I'm down 6 lbs over the last month, thank you"


Here's what clients are eating

Easy recipes

Easy overnight oats recipe for breakfast. Recipe designed by a nutritionist. Help with constipation

Easy healthy breakfast that will leave you satisfied & will take less than 5 min to put together. Plus lots of healthy recipes ideas for lunch, dinner and snacks! (a few includes chocolate!!!)

Delicious Combos

Healthy and easy meals for weight loss.

So you don't have to miss out on your favorite foods.

With all food groups

lose weight without restrictions and eat foods you love.

We don't crate restrictions, instead we focus on ingredients & portions.


NUTRITION without RESTRICTION regimen- lifestyle change

Free Yourself from Diets


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Nutrition without Restriction regimen is everything I wish I had 4 years ago when I was trying to lose weight & improve my habits but only to be stuck on a yo-yo diet (lose weight....gain weight) 

This regimen includes:

  • Meal Plan
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Fats
  • Alcohol
  • Eating Out
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Snack Ideas
  • Mindful Eating
  • Easy Recipes
  • How to plan meals ahead
  • so much more!!!

Are you often overwhelmed with all the nutrition information out there?

Let's ditch calorie counting and do a lifestyle change without restriction!!!! I'm so excited to launch my latest nutrition program which includes EVERYTHING I shared with my one-one clients in my 3-Month Program plus so much more. However, instead of paying $169/month which comes up to a little over $500 for those 3 months, I decided to give out for only $60. The only difference is that we won't be working directly one-one, however if you need anything, always feel free to reach out. I'm the nutritionist for you and I'm only an email away.


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